myths around dog joint supplements

Dog Joint Supplements: Myths Debunked


Trying to buy a dog joint supplement but scared because of all the myths revolving around them? 

Do not worry we have got your back. In today's blog we are going to debunk top 5 most common myths around dog joint supplements. So, let's start

Here's a list of the dog joint supplements myths we are going to debunk -

  • Only old dogs need joint care supplements
  • Joint care supplements can not be used as preventive measure
  • Exercise for dogs with joint issues
  • Joint issues in dogs are inevitable
  • Supplements can repair dogs joints.

#1 Only old dogs need joint care supplements

No, it is not true. Although, for old dogs, joint care supplements may become a necessity for living a pain free day to day life, adult dogs and puppies may also need these joint supplements. 

As dogs age, they become more prone to joint issues but even puppies can have these problems and may require proper medication and supplements. Dogs with genitive conditions such as hip dysplasia, injuries etc. need supplements to live a health life. 

Also large breeds are more prone to joint issues so vets suggest joint care supplements to prevent joint problems.

#2 Joint care supplements can not be used as preventive measure

False. Joint care supplements perform the best when they are given from a young age. These supplements are known to promote joint health and make your dog's joints strong.

When given at a young age joint supplements make sure that your pup's joints remain healthy throughout his age, preventing joint issues caused due to ageing and providing relief from occasional pain and discomfort that may occur.

#3 Exercise for dogs with joint issues

It is a huge myth that dogs suffering from joint issues can not exercise. Your dog can carry on its day to day activities without any problem even if it is suffering from joint issues. 

However, your furry friend may face occasional pain, discomfort and joint stiffness. That's where joint supplements come in to play.

Joint care supplements for dogs not only allow them to have pain free joints but also carry on their day to day activities as usual. It is recommended to avoid activities which require jumping or which may put unnecessary stress on your dog's joints.

#4 Joint issues in dogs are inevitable

It is true to some extent but there are chances that your dog may not develop joint issues as they age. Most of the dogs start suffering from joint issues, most commonly osteoarthritis, as they age but your dog may be completely free of joint problems if proper care is taken.

Using joint supplements and providing proper joint care is the key to keep your dog safe from these painful problems.

You can read our blog to learn more about dog joint care tips.

#5 Supplements can repair dog's joints

False. Many people think of supplements as some magical potion which can somehow undo all the damage done to your dog's joints.

The role of dog joint supplements is limited to relieving pain, stiffness and joint discomfort so that your dog can carry on its day to day activities without any problem.

Joint supplements may help boost the healing process in case of joint injuries or treatable joint conditions.


In conclusion, debunking these common myths about dog joint supplements is crucial for providing the best care for your canine companion. Remember that joint care supplements can benefit dogs of all ages, act as preventive measures, and help dogs with joint issues lead active lives. While joint issues may not always be avoidable, proactive care, proper supplementation, a balanced diet, and tailored exercise can significantly enhance your dog's quality of life. By making informed choices and working closely with your veterinarian, you can ensure that your furry friend enjoys optimal joint health and a happy, pain-free life.

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