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Puppy Care Tips for New Pet Parents


Learning about how to take care of a new puppy is really important for new parents. Here we are with our Top 10 Puppy Care Tips Specially Curated for New Pet Parents. These puppy care tips are universal for all dog breeds be it Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, Pug, Indie etc. Read on to find out more and give your baby the best life possible.

Life with a dog is nothing less than an adventure. Its full of ups and downs but its always sweet. We are here to make life with your new puppy a bit easier with our puppy care tips. So, let's begin

1. Diet

Diet is the 1st step towards developing a proper puppy care routine. Make a proper feeding routine for your new puppy. Consult your vet to understand how much to feed to your little bundle of joy. Feed them at regular intervals at the same time everyday to develop a habit. A small puppy would usually require about 6 meals in a day but always consult your vet before landing on a decision.

Introducing a new food in your puppy's diet is a task in itself. Always start with small portions and look out for signs such as bloating, indigestion, diarrhea etc. If any of these signs are noted, stop that food and rush to the vet.

Your puppy may be allergic to certain foods as well. Signs of allergies include rashes, itching, dry and dull coat, red spots on skin and licking continuously etc. Common food allergies for dogs include allergies from dairy, wheat, soy etc.


2. Hygiene

Maintaining a proper everyday hygiene routine for your pup is really important to take care of them properly. A proper puppy hygiene care would include multiple steps such as brushing their coat everyday, cleaning their teeth, keeping ears clean and dry, wiping paws after walks, wiping butt etc. Another important thing in puppy hygiene is regular grooming such as cutting their nails every now and then. Long nails can cause difficulty in walking for your pup so you should always cut their nails.

Puppy hygiene care is not a one time process, it goes on till the lifetime of the pup. Proper hygiene ensures that your puppy remains free from certain health issues.

Dog brushing, dog dental health

3. Ticks and Fleas

Keep in check for ticks and fleas. Ticks and fleas  can cause a lot of problems for your dogs. Not only these can cause skin issues such as itching, irritation but also serious diseases such as tick fever which can destroy the immunity of your dog, tick fever is not easy to recover from. Even puppies can catch a lot of ticks when proper care is not given. It is always advised to thoroughly check for ticks and fleas twice a day and use preventive measures to avoid future problems.

4. Vaccinations

Vaccinations are the most important step in puppy care and these go for the lifetime of the dog. Your vet will guide you about all the vaccination details and the booster shoots. Vaccinations are done once when the dog is in puppy stage and then repeated every year. You should also get yourself vaccinated with rabies shot as prevention is always better than cure.


5. Puppy proof your home

This is the first thing you should do before getting a puppy. Puppy proofing means keeping certain things out of the reach of pup. These can be things such as medicines, wires, sockets, plants, trash etc. which can potentially harm your puppy. Puppy proofing is a vital step in puppy care as these little bundles of joy are notorious and will chew everything they see in their early age. Puppy proofing is essentially keeping your dog safe from such dangers so that they don't put themselves at risk. Puppy proofing can definitely save you a trip to the ER.

6. Sleeping Arrangements

 Get a proper bed for your puppy. Make proper boundaries. Make them sleep in their bed from the starting to develop a habit. Make sure the bed is comfy and is of appropriate size. Place the bed in a corner or in a place where disturbances are really low. Make sure there is proper air flow in hot season and provide warmth when its cold.

puppy sleeping in bed being taken good care of

7. Training

Teach your dog  how to behave. Training is an essential part of puppy care. Don't let your puppy do any behaviors which you don't want him to be doing in future. 

Teach basic tricks such as sit, stand, stay etc. There are multiple tutorials on Youtube teaching how to train your dog. Training your puppy also involves potty training them, off leash training and obedience training. It is a crucial part as an untrained dog can cause a lot of problems later on.


Socializing a puppy is as important as socializing a human. Puppies should meet new humans and dogs in order to be a good companion.

Take your dog to dog parks, dog meets etc. to make sure they get enough socialization. Socialization does not only mean to meet new humans and dogs but it also involves giving your dog new experiences etc. So that they are not scared in the future and become a good companion overall.


9. Supervision

It is never a good idea to leave your puppy alone. Always have someone to supervise your puppy. They are known for their notorious nature, be it any breed and can get in problems quite often. They chew on things which can be dangerous for them or get stuck in their throat. So, you should always have someone supervise your puppy to avoid any unforeseen events.

10. Supplements

Be it an adult dog or a puppy, supplements are necessary for both especially if you are giving them a homemade diet. Supplements for gut health and joint care can do wonders for your growing pup as they will ensure a healthy gut and proper joint development. 

Include supplements such as K9 Vitality's Pre+Probiotics & Gut Health and K9 Vitality's Hip & Joint Care to maintain a healthy and worry free lifestyle for them. K9 Vitality's supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients which are backed by science ensuring proper results with no side effects. The best part is these supplements can be used both as a preventive measure and to resolve an already existing problem. Visit their website to learn more!

puppy care gut health supplementpuppy care joint supplement



In conclusion, providing proper puppy care is essential for new pet parents to ensure their furry companions lead a healthy and happy life. These Top 10 Puppy Care Tips will serve as a comprehensive guide for all dog breeds, from Golden Retrievers to German Shepherds, helping you give your puppy the best possible start.

First and foremost, establishing a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for your puppy's growth and well-being. Always consult your vet to determine the appropriate feeding schedule and portion sizes. Introducing new foods should be done cautiously, watching for any signs of allergies or digestive issues.

Maintaining a regular hygiene routine is vital for your puppy's overall health. Brushing their coat, cleaning their teeth, and grooming are all important tasks to keep them clean and happy. Keeping an eye out for ticks and fleas is equally crucial, as these pesky parasites can lead to serious health problems if left unchecked.

Vaccinations play a pivotal role in protecting your puppy from various diseases throughout their life. Be sure to follow your vet's vaccination schedule diligently.

Puppy-proofing your home is a must to create a safe environment for your curious and energetic pup. Removing potential hazards can prevent accidents and unnecessary visits to the veterinarian.

Proper training is essential to shape your puppy's behavior and teach them basic commands. It also includes potty training and obedience training, ensuring a well-behaved and happy companion.

Socialization is key to raising a well-adjusted and friendly dog. Regularly expose your puppy to new experiences, humans, and other dogs to foster positive interactions.

Lastly, never leave your puppy unsupervised, as they are prone to getting into mischief or danger. Always have someone keep an eye on them to prevent any unforeseen incidents.

By following these Puppy Care Tips, you can create a loving and nurturing environment for your new furry family member. Remember, life with a dog is an adventure filled with love and joy, and with proper care, you can cherish every moment of this journey together.

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